Integrated Medical/Disability Program Highlights for The University of Texas System

Who is Eligible for the Integrated Medical/Disability Program?

All employees enrolled in Short Term Disability may participate in the Integrated Medical/Disability program.

What is the Integrated Medical/Disability Program?

The Integrated Medical/Disability Program is available to you at no cost and compliments the disability management program provided through Dearborn National Life Insurance Company.

This is a voluntary program that allows you to work with disability case managers who:

  • Advocate for you;
  • Provide education and help you make informed health care decisions;
  • Coach you in following your treatment plan and taking medications;
  • Coordinate care with you, your physicians, and Dearborn National.

Why Should You Participate in the Integrated Medical/Disability Program?

You will interact directly with your case manager who will serve as your primary point of contact and help ensure you have access to the care you need. Integrated Medical/Disability Program takes a holistic approach to meeting your individual needs and includes:

  • Early identification and intervention to prevent or minimize a disability;
  • Education and guidance to empower you in managing your injury or illness;
  • Disease management intervention to optimize the treatment of your chronic conditions.

If you are enrolled for Short Term Disability (STD) coverage, are losing time from work, and would like to speak with a Case Manager, please call 800-462-3275.

The Case Manager is a registered nurse who will be happy to explain the Case Management Program.

Integrated Medical/Disability Program does not apply to:

  • Pregnancy
  • Terminal illness
  • Workman’s Compensation