What is Long-Term Disability (LTD)?
How are my monthly earnings calculated?
What is an Elimination Period?
What is the elimination period for LTD?
When do LTD benefits become payable?
Can I receive LTD benefits while I am receiving vacation pay?
Is there a pre-existing condition clause in the LTD plan?
What is a pre-existing condition?
Will I receive LTD benefits if I am disabled due to a pre-existing condition?
If I am not actively at work on September 1, 2009, will I be covered under the LTD policy with Dearborn National?
If I'm receiving STD benefits, am I required to file a claim for LTD?
I did not elect STD. How do I file a claim for LTD?
Do you offer Vocational Rehabilitation to assist my return to work?
Do I have to continue to pay premiums for LTD coverage after I become disabled?
How will my benefits be affected if I return to work part time?
Will you provide assistance with filing for Social Security benefits?
What happens if my claim is denied?
How do I file an appeal if my claim is denied?
How long will it take to make a decision regarding my appeal?
What is the deadline to file a Long-Term Disability (LTD) claim?
When are LTD benefit payments issued?
What benefit payments options are available?
What happens if I am receiving other sources of income?
Is pregnancy or childbirth covered under my LTD coverage?
What happens if I did not enroll for LTD benefits because I was disabled and receiving benefits from The Hartford during the annual enrollment period?
What happens if the disability for which I was receiving benefits from The Hartford recurs?
What happens if I have a change in my family status?
What does "Indexed Monthly Earnings" mean to me?
What is the Work Incentive Benefit?
What should I do if I do not know if I should file my disability claim with Dearborn National or with The Hartford?