Online Beneficiary Management

Easy and Convenient

Indicating the correct beneficiary designation is an often overlooked part of applying for group life insurance. If beneficiary information is not updated it may lead to issues at claim time. In order to make this task easier, Dearborn National offers Online Beneficiary Management. Our Online Beneficiary Management tool is a valuable service available for individuals covered under our group life product. This easy-to-use service allows a covered person to make their beneficiary designations online. Employers save time while lowering costs and inefficiencies that occur with paper forms. Insured people reduce the consequences of incorrect or outdated beneficiary designations.

Online Beneficiary Management helps:

  • Plan Administrators lower costs associated with paper forms
  • Covered persons easily and quickly designate and update beneficiary information anytime of the day or night
  • Individuals avoid legal disputes and safeguard confidential information
  • Employers secure employee data

A Simple Process

Shortly after becoming insured, the covered person will receive a letter with detailed instructions for using the Online Beneficiary Management site. There are no paper forms to complete. Beneficiaries can be changed as often as circumstances change and the changes are effective immediately. The site is secure and designed to protect privacy.

A Benefit Tool that Makes Sense

Besides time-savings and convenience, there are numerous advantages for plan administrators.

  • Ensures compliance with state laws
  • Secures data from loss
  • Protects employers from liability associated with incorrectly changing a beneficiary.
  • Reduces paperwork and administrative costs


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