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What You Should Know About Long-Term Disability

Most people agree that disability insurance is important, but the majority of people don’t have any disability coverage.

Long-Term Disability
of working Americans believe people
need disability insurance, but only
own any.1

How likely are you to become disabled?

There is a
chance of a person suffering a disabling illness or injury that would keep them out of work for three months or more.2

Long-Term Disability
56 million
Americans, or 1 in 5, live with disabilities.3

Long-Term Disability38 million
disabled Americans, or 1 in 10, live with severe disabilities.4

No one is immune from experiencing a disability. It doesn’t affect just older people.

The Social Security Administration estimates that
of 20-year-olds in the workforce today will suffer a disability before they retire.5

Unfortunately, most people aren’t financially prepared for a long-term disability.

of full-time employees said they are not confident about paying their bills if they or another family member was out of work for three months.6

of Generation X and Y consumers said an income loss due to illness or injury would have a significant financial impact on their households.7

Our Long-Term Disability insurance is a convenient, economical way for you to secure an income while you’re out of work due to an unexpected accidental injury or illness.

Contact us to learn how we can help meet your long-term disability insurance needs.

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