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  • Long-Term Disability

Long-Term Disability

Without a steady income, most people would not be able to make payments on their homes or keep their families financially stable.

Our Long-Term Disability insurance allows you to protect yourself and your family by providing a convenient, economical way of securing an income while out of work from an unexpected accidental injury or illness.

of full-time employees said they are not confident about paying their bills if they or another family member was out of work for three months.1
Long-Term Disability
of working Americans believe people
need disability insurance, but only
26% own any.2

Employer-Sponsored Group Plans & Voluntary Plans

  • Benefits for total or partial disability
  • Return-to-Work Incentives for employees who can work on a partial or part-time basis
  • Rehabilitation Incentive Income—unique in the industry—for those claimants who cannot return to their job, but have skills that can transfer to a new occupation
  • Social Security assistance services for employees who are totally disabled and eligible for Social Security benefits
  • Optional employee-focused benefits: Survivor income, Terminal Illness, Family Income, Cost of Living, Education, Accidental Dismemberment, Catastrophic Disability, Rehabilitation Benefit, Retirement Plan Protection and Worksite Modification

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