Individual Life

Offered through the Worksite & Individual Solutions Division

Protection and Financial Security

People want more from their benefits today. Our Individual Life products provide protection and security. These products are marketed to individuals through appointed agents and offered to employees through a company or association, which adds portability and affordability to the value. Our products are designed to give individuals added flexibility with options and features that make sense.

Dearborn National Individual Life products offer:

  • 100% voluntary plans
  • Plans that address a variety of needs, including final expense and retirement planning
  • Low minimum payments with convenient payroll deduction options

Security Builder: Whole Life and an Annuity Option

You want the cash value security of a Whole Life plan, and you want an annuity. Now you can have both with Security Builder: Whole Life/Annuity.

  • A portion of the second-year premiums will go to the annuity rider or to a Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity.
  • Issue limits with simplified underwriting are available up to $100,000; up to $150,000 with a paramedical exam.
  • 10-Year Option—after ten years, all premiums may be applied to the annuity and the policy continued under the reduced paid-up provisions.

Financial Security Plan: Term Life/Annuity

This 10-Year Renewable Level Term Life Insurance with a Flexible Premium Annuity Rider offers a valuable savings component.

  • A portion of the second-year premiums will go to the annuity rider or to a Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity.
  • Simplified underwriting up to $100,000; paramedical exam required up to $150,000.
  • This plan is guaranteed renewable; may be renewed in 10-year increments up to age 70 (nearest birthday).

Mountain VistaTM Term Life Insurance

Affordable Term Life Insurance

Provide your family with the financial protection they'll need, with payments you can afford. The Mountain Vista term life product provides premiums that are projected to be level for 10, 20, or 30 years, with coverage to age 95.

The many benefits of Mountain Vista include:

  • A policy designed to pay the lump sum amount of the death benefit from the first day your coverage is in effect.
  • An Accelerated Death Benefit Rider at no additional cost. Other options include valuable coverage for your spouse, children, and coverage if you’re unable to work.
  • Two convenient payment options: Automatic Premium withdrawals from your checking account or Payroll Deduction.
  • The option to keep the plan, even if you change jobs.

The Gift of Security

Get up to $300,000 of term life coverage to protect your assets and provide for your family’s future. For more information, including a full list of Conditions and Definitions, contact our Worksite & Individual Solutions Division.

Preferred Golden Protector Series: Whole Life/Final Expense

Our Preferred Golden Protector (PGP) series is a whole life/final expense product available in two options, which offer peace of mind and face amounts up to $50,000, based on policyholder age.

  • PGP I – Level Benefit
  • PGP II – Graded Benefit


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Policy Form #: P-FX 12/98 Rider Form #: ADBR1/00 and WOPR 1/00; P-0892; RT-986-R