Critical Illness Insurance

Offered through the Group Benefits Division

Prepare for Unplanned Expenses

Group health coverage provides excellent and comprehensive medical benefits for most illnesses. However, health insurance may have deductibles, co-pays, limits and excluded items—all out-of-pocket expenses. Our Critical Illness* provides cash to help cover whatever expenses, medical or otherwise, result from a covered critical illness. If an insured is diagnosed with a critical illness and approved for benefits, there’s no need to continually submit receipts to prove that care was received. We issue a lump sum to use as the recipient sees fit. Other highlights include:

  • Coverage on nearly a dozen covered conditions—including invasive cancer, heart attacks, strokes, major organ transplants, kidney failure and paralysis. Typically, smaller benefits are chosen for Carcinoma in situ and three heart surgeries.
  • Benefits can be received for more than one critical illness, provided that the total amount of all benefits received does not exceed the total maximum value of the policy.

Ease Financial Burdens

Critical illnesses often come with financial obligations that health insurance and disability insurance don’t always cover and many people underestimate the financial impact a critical illness can have on their lives.

Cash received from the Critical Illness can be used to fund experimental treatments, help with expenses such as transportation to and from treatment facilities, make necessary home or vehicle modifications (wheelchair ramps or lifts) and supplement lost income during recovery. To learn more, contact a Dearborn National Group Benefits representative.

* The Critical Illness may not be available in all states.

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