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  • Disability Resource Services™

    Extra Help When It's Needed Most

Disability Resource Services™

Help When It's Needed Most

When personal problems occur, many people become overwhelmed and may not know how to cope.

That’s why we have teamed with ComPsych Corporation to provide Disability Resource Services to our Long-Term Disability customers. Whether it’s an emotional, legal or financial issue, Disability Resource Services provides the support and guidance you need.

2017 Usage Stats for Dearborn National Customers:
  • 3,989 total services rendered
  • 631 individuals received counseling services
  • 707 individuals used research tools online for work-life services
Disability Resource Services helps people:
  • Work through the challenges of a long-term disability with professional counseling
  • Address, manage and learn about many issues related to disabilities
  • Cope with emotional, financial and legal issues, including substance abuse
Services include:
  • Three face-to-face counseling sessions with master’s level degree counselors
  • Unlimited telephonic counseling (24 hours a day/7 days a week)
  • GuidanceResources® Online: a secure, password-protected Web site that offers:
    • Self-assessments and search tools
    • Expert content and tools to help with personal, relational, legal, health and financial concerns
    • Personalization to fit each person’s unique needs

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