Short-Term Disability

Flexible Benefits and Competitive Rates

Bills and everyday needs don’t stop because someone can’t work. An accident or illness can endanger an individual’s most important asset: the ability to earn a living. Group Short-Term disability (STD) plans pay benefits when sickness or injury prevents an employee from working full-time. Dearborn National offers STD programs tailored to meet the needs and cost expectations of both employers and employees.

Simple and Easy Customization

Short-term disability plans should be simple and easy to customize for the group’s needs. Dearborn National STD plans feature competitive plan designs and rates:

  • Flexibility to tailor an STD plan that fills the gap between sick leave or paid time off plans and long-term disability
  • Selection of elimination period, benefit percent, and maximum weekly benefit amount
  • Benefits for total disability or partial disability – total disability is not required to qualify for benefits.
  • Coverage for non-occupational disability only or 24-hour coverage
  • Seamless claim transition from STD to LTD
  • Employer-paid or voluntary programs
  • Fully insured plans or administrative services only contracts (ASO) available

Additional Benefits and Services

Work Incentive Benefit: Allows disabled employees to return to work and receive up to 100% of their pre-disability salary from a combination of earnings and benefit

Survivor Benefit: Provides an additional lump sum benefit payment to the eligible survivor of a claimant, should the claimant pass away while receiving STD benefits

Worksite Modification Benefit: Provides a reimbursement to the employer for making changes to the workplace that allow a disabled employee to return to work

Telephonic Claim Intake: Available at no additional cost to STD groups with 100 or more employees; allows the employee to notify us using a toll-free number dedicated to STD claim submission

Electronic Funds Transfer: Available to groups of any size; STD benefits can be deposited directly into an employee's bank account.

Focus on Early Intervention

Those employers who have both Group Long-Term Disability and Short-Term Disability coverage with us benefit from integrated claims management focused on the best outcome for the disabled employee.

  • Early intervention accomplished via regular STD/LTD claim team interaction where we identify STD claims likely to continue on into LTD with assignment of appropriate claim resources
  • Claim triage process identifies the appropriate clinical and non-clinical resources for each claim
  • Complex claims identified early on to allow for monitoring LTD duration
  • Work with employee and employer to focus on returning to work
  • LTD claim form not required for STD claim that continues on into LTD

Policy Form #: FDL2-510-107 & FDL2-610-107, and any state variations thereof.