Long-Term Disability

Flexible and Comprehensive

The likelihood of an employee becoming disabled is surprising. Approximately three out of 10 employees entering the workforce today will become disabled before age 671. With those odds, disability protection is critical. The true test of a long-term disability carrier is the ability to manage disability claims and return an employee back to work—under the right circumstances at the right time.

Dearborn National believes in disability claim management that is based on a four-point philosophy:

  1. Prevention: Wellness programs, workplace ergonomics and safety programs.
  2. Integration: Placing both the Group Short-Term and Long-Term Disability programs with Dearborn National promotes early intervention and returning to work.
  3. Case Management: Dearborn National’s review of each LTD claim identifies the best resources to assign to the claim, with a focus on returning to work and ultimate long-term disability cost reduction.
  4. Partnership: We work with the employer and the employee to determine the best options. We focus on returning the disabled employee back to work. With proactive assistance from the employer in identifying return-to-work possibilities, the length and costs of a disability can be greatly reduced. For employees who cannot return to work, we arrange for Social Security assistance at no cost to the employee.

Benefits2 that Add Real Value

Our Group Long-Term Disability programs offer reliable coverage at competitive rates

  • Flexibility to tailor a plan based on the nature of your business and the characteristics of your employees
  • Benefits for total disability or partial disability — total disability is not required to qualify for benefits
  • Return-to-Work Incentives for employees who can work on a partial or part-time basis
  • Rehabilitation Incentive Income that unique in the industry — for those claimants who cannot return to their job, but have skills they can transfer to a new occupation
  • Social Security assistance services for employees who are totally disabled and eligible for Social Security benefits
  • Optional employee-focused benefits: Survivor Income, Terminal Illness, Family Income, Cost of Living, Education, Accidental Dismemberment, Catastrophic Disability, Rehabilitation Incentive Income, Retirement Plan Protection and Worksite Modification

Return-to-Work Benefits

Our Return-to-Work Benefits encourage returning to the work place.

Work Incentive Benefit: Encourages disabled employees to return to work on a partial or part-time basis. During an initial 12 or 24-month incentive period, earnings and benefit can equal pre-disability income. Following the incentive period, benefits are coordinated with earnings to maintain a reasonable level of income for the disabled but working employee.

Rehabilitation Incentive Income: Dearborn National’s Rehabilitation Incentive Income is unique in the disability insurance industry. For interested employees with transferable skills, we will create a rehabilitation plan specifically for the employee. As part of that plan, during an initial 12 or 24-month incentive period, the disabled employee can earn an LTD benefit and earnings.


1Social Security Administration Fact Sheet-2009

2May not be available in all states. Benefits may vary by group size

Policy Form #: 2LTDP-705 & 2LTDC-705, and any state variations thereof.