Critical Illness Insurance Individual

Offered through the Worksite & Individual Solutions Division

Term Insurance Plus Needed Comfort

Employers want to offer the affordable protection of term life insurance. But employees are also concerned about the possibility of a critical illness. Dearborn National has a combined solution. Our Critical Illness: The Timber Ridge Series™ plan will pay the lump sum benefit equal to the face amount purchased upon the diagnosis of a specified critical illness or death.

Critical Illness: The Timber Ridge Series features:

  • A 10-Year Level Renewable and Convertible Term Life policy that is Renewable to age 70 and convertible to age 65
  • Living benefits paid if diagnosed with a critical illness* — help with lost wages, deductibles, mortgages and much more
  • Offered to individuals or employer groups as small as one life, which adds portability and affordability to the value
  • Low minimum payments with convenient payroll deduction options, saving or checking account draft options

Added Coverage When You Need it

Critical Illness: The Timber Ridge Series has a maximum face amount of $250,000. Issue limits with simplified underwriting amount are based on age. Once a qualified critical condition is diagnosed, lump sum or partial benefits (not to exceed the face amount) are payable for either a living or death benefit.

For more information, including a full list of Conditions and Definitions, contact our Worksite & Individual Solutions Division.


* Critical Condition Accelerated Benefit may be taxable. Consult a tax advisor as to the taxability of any living benefit received

Critical illnesses and critical conditions are defined in the coverage document. Underwritten by Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Company®. Policy Form #: P-RCT-122007 Rider Form #: CCR-122007