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  • Critical Illness

Critical Illness

Being diagnosed with a critical illness can be an overwhelming experience—physically, emotionally and financially.

Our Critical Illness insurance pays cash directly to the insured individual for the unplanned expenses of a critical illness. It works alongside your major medical coverage to help pay for out-of-pocket expenses, such as insurance deductibles, copays, treatment or your day-to-day living expenses.

According to the Federal Reserve Board,
of Americans could not meet an unexpected expense of

The lifetime probability of developing cancer is

1 in 2
for men.2
1 in 3
for women.3

Employer-Sponsored Group Plans & Voluntary Group Plans

  • Guarantee Issue amounts available
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)-Compliant
  • Optional wellness benefit to promote prevention
  • Recurrance benefit
  • Portability
  • Coverage for employees, spouses and children

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