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  • Absence Management Services
    Powered by FMLASource®

Absence Management Services
Powered by FMLASource®

Managing a medical leave of absence can be challenging for both employers and employees.

That's why we’ve combined our disability products with FMLASource's expertise and experience to offer Absence Management Services. These services provide easy integration of our Short-Term Disability (STD) insurance and FMLA-related leaves.

The intake process for FMLA and STD can be started online or with a single phone call. Intake specialists manage cases from start to finish by:

  • Responding to employee and group requests
  • Explaining an employer's leave of absence policies to inquiring employees
  • Determining eligibility for STD and FMLA
  • Designating FMLA leaves
  • Tracking FMLA absences concurrently with STD duration
  • Administering and managing return-to-work
  • Documenting compliance with state and federal requirements

Online Portal for Employers & Employees:

  • Track requests
  • Comfirm eligibility
  • Check compliance
  • Verify medical certification was received
  • Download copies of letters and related correspondence
  • Open a new leave request
  • Check eligibility for leave
  • Download medical certifications and documents
  • Check the status of a leave request
  • Keep track of leave time
  • Update their own leave information

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