Voluntary Group Short-Term Disability Insurance

A sudden injury or illness could leave employees without a financial safety net. The truth is that nearly 8 in 10 workers are living paycheck to paycheck1, and many people may not have the savings necessary to cover living expenses during a short-term disability.

Offering a Group Voluntary Short-Term Disability (VSTD) insurance plan can help employers control costs while attracting and retaining the best employees. At the same time, this insurance plan allows employees to prepare for the future.

Dearborn National’s Group VSTD policies are flexible—employers can choose from a variety of options to build a plan that meets employees’ diverse needs.

Claims Are Submitted By Phone

A phone call from the employee or employer will initiate the claim. Submitting claims by telephone saves time: the sooner the claim process begins, the sooner the claimant can receive benefits.


  • Guarantee issue benefits available
  • Benefits can be issued with as few as two employees electing coverage
  • Evidence of Insurability not required on most plans
  • Coverage for disabilities caused by accidents, illnesses and pregnancy
  • Benefits paid for Total Disability or Partial Disability
  • Benefits can be designed to dovetail with an employer-sponsored long-term disability plan


1 Survey conducted by CareerBuilder, May 18-June3, 2010.