Voluntary Group Life Insurance

Nobody wants to talk about it, but according to a LIMRA study, 50 percent of U.S. households say they need more life insurance.1

With so many Americans living paycheck to paycheck, life insurance is a valuable tool to provide for our loved ones in the event of a premature death. Life insurance provides accessible funds for a family that just lost its breadwinner.

In addition, with more employers looking to stop offering employer-sponsored insurance,2 employees may be faced with taking additional responsibility for their life insurance benefits. Employees and their spouses may apply for our Voluntary Group Life insurance and/or Dependent Life insurance.


  • No reduction of benefits in our standard plan. Our Voluntary Group Life insurance benefits do not reduce with age, thereby creating a consistent level of protection.
  • Coverage. This valuable protection is available for employees, spouses and children.
  • Portability. Employees often don’t work for the same employer forever, so our voluntary life benefits are portable.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage. Coverage options may include the following additional features:
    • Seat Belt Benefit
    • Repatriation Benefit
    • Common Disaster Benefit
    • Day Care Benefit
    • Air Bag Benefit
    • Education Benefit
    • Coma Benefit
    • Spouse Training Benefit


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2 McKinsey Quarterly, June 2011. “How U.S. Health Care Reform will affect employee benefits.