Beneficiary Resource Services™:
A Wellness Plan for Life

Helping Families Cope with Sorrow and Change

The death of a loved one can be difficult to overcome. However, those who suffer a loss don’t have to be alone. Dearborn National understands the legal issues, funeral planning questions, emotional needs and financial concerns that result after the loss of a loved one.

Our Beneficiary Resource Services help people:

  • Manage any legal issues that may result after the loss of a loved one
  • Provide information for those planning or pre-planning a funeral
  • Create, modify, and store a last will and testament online
  • Cope with and recover from the emotional impact of the loss of a loved one
  • Effectively deal with the financial consequences

Eligibility: Beneficiary Resource Services is automatically included on most group life insurance programs and is offered to beneficiaries of an insured person. Beneficiary Resource Services is also available to insured people who qualify for an accelerated death benefit.

Experience and Expertise in Beneficiary Services

Legal, grief and financial counseling services as well as online funeral planning support and online will preparation are provided by Bensinger, DuPont & Associates (BDA). BDA is a national provider dedicated to promoting healthy outcomes for the workplace, employees, individuals and their families. Its nationwide network of professionals coordinate and manage all services with strict confidence.

How this Caring Service Works

All it takes is a phone call to a dedicated 24/7 toll-free line. A professional clinician will assess a caller’s needs and determine a plan of action.

Beneficiary Resource Services include:

Unlimited 24/7 phone consultation: Grief counselors, legal assistance and financial advisors are available by phone for up to one year.

Five face-to-face sessions: Sessions can be used with one grief counselor or legal advisor. Time may also be split between a grief counselor and legal advisor. A one-hour financial consultation on the phone is also available.

Referrals and support services: BDA counselors provide compassionate support throughout the process, including referrals to qualified grief counselors and financial and legal consultants within BDA’s nationwide network of professionals.

Counselors Follow Up by Telephone: BDA counselors will initiate follow-up calls for up to one year when necessary.

Online will preparation: Insureds can create their own wills online in a safe and secure way, right from their homes.

Online funeral planning: Insureds can download a funeral planning guide, use calculators to estimate expenses for different arrangements, gather information on funeral requirements and customs, access directories to locate funeral homes and cemeteries in their areas.


Beneficiary Resource Services is provided by Bensinger, DuPont & Associates. The Dearborn National® brand companies do not provide any part of Beneficiary Resource Services. Legal services will not be provided for court proceedings or for the preparation of briefs for legal appearances or actions or for any action against any party providing Beneficiary Resource Services. Legal services provided under Beneficiary Resource Services are not intended for adversarial matters. Neither BDA nor the Dearborn National brand companies are responsible or liable for care or advice rendered by any referral resources. This page is for illustrative purposes only and is not a contract. It is intended to provide a general overview of the services described.

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