Online Services

Group Producers

If you are already a producer, take the time now to register for Producers Corner, our secure password-protected site that offers up-to-date sales tools to save you time, help grow your business and successfully service existing group customers. Producers Corner also offers you these additional tools:

Quote A Case

  • Our quoting engine helps streamline the sales and enrollment process.
  • Generate multiple product-combined proposals.
  • Create, view and edit from a historical log of all proposals.
  • Create customized and personalized enrollment illustrations and enrollment forms based on each employee's: name, age, salary, and payroll deduction mode.

Sales Tools

  • Access up to two year's worth of commission statements online.
  • Access product and value added services brochures.
  • Reference sales resources.
  • Learn more about other online services.
  • Find a dentist in the Dearborn National PPO Dental Network.
  • Utilize our online continuing education resource.

Register for Producers Corner (Group Producers Only)

Worksite and Individual Producers

If you are interested in becoming our partner and representing a growing, dynamic insurance company, contact us.